Fund Raisers

Remlinger Farms Community Involvement

Each year, Remlinger Farms donates over 500 Country Fair Family Fun Park passes to area school, PTSA, daycare and youth organization fundraisers. We also donate our famous pies and coffee to various schools and children's groups for use in their fundraising and educational activities!

If your school or PTSA would like to request donations for fundraisers, please mail your request forms with information about your event, and your request will be considered. Due to high demand and limited resources, we focus only on groups which benefit elementary-aged children. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that every request will be met.

Ride for Kids

Each year, Remlinger Farms provides one of its picnic sites for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation's Ride for Kids.

Ride for Kids is a motorcyclist's fundraising event that is helping to find the cause and cure of pediatric brain tumors. Ride for Kids was started in 1984 by a motorcyclist from Atlanta, GA and has been a major fundraiser for the foundation ever since. Visit for more information on this wonderful event.

Remlinger Farms Spring Fundraising Opportunities

Remlinger Farms is proud to offer our Season and Summer Pass Fundraiser -- a lucrative fund-raising opportunity for area daycares, schools and PTSA organizations.

Each year, Remlinger Farms sells over 600 Season and Summer Passes to young families in the greater Seattle area. Now you can work with us and actually reap the benefits by easily raising funds for your school!

We make it easy for schools to raise money with our simple Spring Fundraiser. Remlinger Farms will donate $8 of every Season Pass and $5 of every Summer Pass right back to your school when one of your families orders passes through your school with this program. This could mean hundreds of extra dollars for your school’s budget!

If you are interested in finding out more about this easy and profitable fundraiser, simply e-mail and we will forward everything you need to make your fundraiser a success. We will make your job as easy as possible by providing all of the necessary forms and handouts you need to begin your fundraising with Remlinger Farms.

Simply send home the introductory handout/order form with your students, collect the completed orders, forward all of your school's orders to our farm, and wait for the proceeds. Remlinger Farms will take care of the rest! The passes will be processed here at the farm and will be mailed directly to the family that purchased them. Shortly after the end of the program’s 2-week duration, we will send your school a check for the proceeds of the fund raiser. It is just that simple!

Your School's "Day on the Farm" Fund Raiser

Your school can host their own "Day on the Farm" at Remlinger Farms.

Simply select your school's preferred date, then sell tickets for that date from your school office. For each $11.00 Country Fair Fun Park admission ticket sold through your school for your "Day on the Farm," your school will receive $2.00.

This fundraiser is perfect for daycares, preschools and grade schools who often visit the park as a group on field trips. Contact the farm office at 425-333-4135 x 250, or email,, to arrange your school's very own "Day on the Farm."


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