Remlinger Farms Organic Coffee

When you provide the public with the finest tasting fresh fruits and vegetables, delicious country cooking, and fantastic homemade breads and pies, it seem only right for us to have a superior coffee made to match the Remlinger quality!

Remlinger Farms coffee begins with the coffee cupper, the flavor artist who selects the beans that will be ground and brewed just for you. The cupper we chose is one of the most knowledgeable in his field--when he tastes a cup of coffee, he can tell you where in the world that bean came from. Some times he can even tell you the grower whose fields it came from. It's simply amazing.

The result is a coffee blend that we are proud to offer to our customers. This coffee is fair trade, and shade grown.

In addition to our organic coffee, we also have the Swiss water decaf from Canada.

Call us at (425) 333-4135 to have fresh, Remlinger Brand coffees shipped directly to your door!


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